Policies And Certificates

This section includes the following:

  • Affirmative action policy statement
  • Quality control for building work instructions
  • Environmental management plan


[h4]Affirmative action policy statement[/h4]Nimule Logistics and Construction Company recognizes Affirmative action as an integral part of its business strategy accepting the values and aspirations of the new South Sudan, we insure the implementation of affirmative action through the following:

– Equal Employment Opportunities and Conditions This includes the removal of differences in conditions of employment based on race or gender and the establishment of a company culture respectful of diversity. In this we recognize the right of every employee to be treated fairly in his/her employment based on authentic merits and achievements.

– Advancement of all Employees Equality of opportunity extends to all educational, training and development aspects and progress and achievements have to be continued and measurable against set targets. The company has a proactive affirmative action committee  that meets monthly to insure the above is put in to practice.

[h4]Quality control for building work instructions[/h4]All sites are to comply with constructions’ quality control procedures as provided in the Building Works Inspections Manual. This procedure describes the method to be used for the inspection and monitoring of the company’s building works. All sites are to have to allocate persons responsible for compliance with the implementation of the system in the designated areas. Key performance areas requiring special monitoring are to be identified and ensure their compliance with standards.


[h4]Environmental management plan[/h4]The protection of our environment is a prerequisite consideration in all decisions and actions of the company. Coupled with our generic Environmental Management Plan, the site management will formulate a 15 Logistics and Construction site specific EMP prior to occupation of the project. This plan will also take in to account the employers’ EMP usual issued by their appointed environmental control officer. The EMP includes:

– General Environmental Procedures
– Storm water management plan
– Management of top soil
– Destruction of vegetation
– Impact on animal life
– Site office / construction camp management plan
– Toilet facilities, waste water and refuge disposal.

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