Our Values

  • People
    Our greatest asset is our people; from people in the work place to our clients. We remain true to our founding values of quality, commitment, hard work and integrity in all our projects, and are proactive in finding solution for our clients that best achieve their goals.
    Nimule logistics and construction company places great emphasis on attracting and retaining highly skilled senior and middle management staffs. The company follows a consultative process with its employees at all levels on matters affecting them in their work environment. It is an equal opportunity employer and no discrimination is made because of race, gender and creed.
  • Training
    Nimule logistics and construction company places great emphasis on the training and development of all employees. Through our in house mentorship scheme, the needs of our staff are identified and training programs implemented in order to  effectively develop individual growth and performance. Kills education is facilitated at site level through formal training programs.
  • Safety, Health and Environment
    Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of safety, health and environmental control in all areas of the company’s operations. innovative training and education programs allow us to provide our employees and sub contractors with the tools they need to increase safety and minimize the risk on every project we manage.
  • Quality
    Nimule logistics and construction company quality assurance procedures are comprehensive and fully enforced to standard certification.

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